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Ronen Nahouray

Managing Partner

Ronen Nahouray is the Founding Partner at First Pacific Law. He earned his Juris Doctor from USC Gould School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts from UCLA. Ronen has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of California and the California Superior Courts since 2021. He has worked in several Plaintiff firms throughout his career and has obtained valuable experience in the field.Ronen is a skilled negotiator who has personally been involved with many different types of injury cases. He has handled cases that have gone throughout the entire legal process, from intake to pre-litigation negotiations through litigation and even to trial. With this experience, Ronen has been able to negotiate and settle hundreds of cases throughout his career.

Ronen’s tactful negotiation methods stem from his time working in the mediation clinic at USC Gould School of Law. After several months of preparation and practice, Ronen was able to mediate cases in courthouses throughout all of Southern California. A few courthouses Ronen has mediated cases in include the Van Nuys courthouse, the Glendale courthouse, and the Compton courthouse. His success rate in settling these cases was upwards of 90%.

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