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Welcome to First Pacific Law, where legal excellence meets proven results. With a track record of delivering favorable outcomes in a wide range of cases, our experienced team is dedicated to achieving justice for our clients. Below are just a few of the cases we have been able to successfully settle in the past.

Automotive Accident

Two clients and their child were involved in a car accident. They went from attorney to attorney but no one would take their case. Finally, nearly six months after the accident occurred, they reached out to First Pacific Law. Typically, with such a large gap from the date of accident to retaining representation, it makes the case much harder to settle. However, we were happy to take on the challenge and, after several months of hard-fought negotiations, were able to get our clients the maximum amount they could recover. Even if it has been several months since you suffered an accident, First Pacific Law would still be happy to give you a free consultation to see if we can help you out.

Dog Bite

A client suffered from a dog bite in the beginning of 2020. He came to First Pacific Law around October of 2021, just a few months prior to the Statute of Limitations running out. He had two prior attorneys on the case who either were too busy or just did not care enough to help. Once he came to First Pacific Law, the case was made a focus. The initial offer from the insurance company was for $1,500. At the advice of FPL, the client turned that down. A few weeks later, the offer was increased to $10,000, which our client was excited to accept. If you currently have a case with another firm and they are treating you like an afterthought, come to First Pacific Law where you will be made a priority.

Trip and Fall

A client suffered from a trip and fall accident while walking to a grocery store in a Calabasas parking lot. She was initially unsure if she wanted to pursue a case, even though her injuries were severe. First Pacific Law eased her concerns and defended her rights. The initial offer from the insurance company was to settle the case for $5,000. After a few months of negotiation, the case ended up settling for $43,039.95. If you are unsure whether or not you have a legitimate case to pursue, give First Pacific Law a call for a free consultation.

Car Accident

A client was rear-ended and unsure how to handle this situation. He called First Pacific Law and we were able to explain the process to him. Luckily, he did not suffer any physical injuries. We were still able to recover a settlement on his behalf, in compensation for the emotional and psychological pain that he was dealing with. Also, we were able to help him fix the property damage to his car. This is one of the countless examples of car accident cases we have handled throughout our existence.

Bed Bug Infestation

A client and her children lived in a bed bug infested apartment building for about a year prior to retaining representation. A lawsuit was filed on their behalf. After ineffective negotiations between the two sides, our managing attorney noticed and took the deposition of one of the property managers for the building. He was able to get concessions on her part, which is what led to the settlement agreement that was had just a few weeks later. If you are dealing with an unfamiliar legal issue, reach out to First Pacific Law, where we will help you get the justice you deserve.

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